Curtain wall system

Glass Curtain wall system

Glass curtain wall systems-50-7 are a structural component for buildings. It is a lightweight metal panel, usually with a frame of aluminum.

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Mr. Glazier is dedicated to the changing needs of B2B, corporate clients, and commercial spaces. Our glass partitions are tailored to enhance office aesthetics, improve space functionality, and keep privacy without losing natural light. Find out how Mr. Glazier can transform your business environment:

"Environmentally friendly glass partitions in a newly renovated, unfurnished apartment located in downtown New York. "



Transform your office and care for the environment with Mr. Glazier’s sustainable glass partitions. Our designs maximize natural light, minimizing the need for artificial lighting and saving on energy costs. Made from recyclable materials, our partitions provide modern style and practical functionality while promoting your green initiatives. Embrace a sustainable and brighter future for your office with our eco-conscious solutions.

Notice the sustainable difference in our glass partitions:


Choose Mr. Glazier for excellence: Top-grade materials and customized thickness for ultimate durability. Adherence to fire safety and acoustic standards ensures a quiet and safe work environment.


Combining durability with sleek design, our partitions conform to rigorous fire resistance and acoustic insulation criteria, providing a quiet and secure office atmosphere.


Choose Mr. Glazier’s avant-garde glass partitions, offering customization options to suit personal preferences for privacy and style, designed specifically for today’s eco-friendly and dynamic office environments.

Role of Curtain Walls

Curtain walls are built for use in shopping malls, office buildings, and restaurants. They also find their usage in residential areas and even hospitals. Besides adding to the aesthetics of the building, they can perform an array of functions that are discussed here;

Allow Air Passage

Glass curtain walls allow the crossing of air. Carbon dioxide can be released into the atmosphere. This prevents excessive heating of the building. It maintains a suitable temperature constantly. Insulation can be added to both, transparent and opaque systems.

Block Certain Radiations

The panels are coated to allow for the passage of limited light. They have a selective coating that restricts light of certain wavelengths. Visible light can penetrate easily, while infrared radiations are blocked. Ultraviolet prevention films can be used for glazing to prevent deterioration.

Block Water

Glass curtain wall system-80-3 provides a barrier against water. There are two mechanisms, one with a barrier against water. The other option is a slightly permeable material that has a way to drain out water. It has a gasket that collects water and drains it through connection points. This way, it prevents corrosion.

Resistance against Environment

Acoustic insulation is maintained, which is an important feature for offices and shopping malls. Masonry or concrete elements have higher acoustic insulation power, yet glass curtain systems function effectively.

Provides Structural Stability

Glass Curtain walls are a partition between the exterior and interior atmosphere. Hence, it has a function of transmitting loads. Seismic accelerations can be resisted.


Choosing Mr. Glazier means selecting more than just a supplier; it’s about partnering with a dedicated ally committed to your success and satisfaction every step of the way.

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Excellence in every pane. Dependable window repairs with precision craftsmanship. Trust Mr. Glazier for unparalleled quality. 

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We utilize advanced glazing solutions like low-E coatings and Vacuum Insulated Glass fill for optimal insulation.

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All products go through stringent quality control checks to ensure flawless performance.

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We provide industry-leading warranties on materials and workmanship for your peace of mind.

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Our glaziers are highly trained to install using proper techniques for weather-tight, secure windows and doors.

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Glass curtain wall systems-50-7 are a structural component for buildings. It is a lightweight metal panel, usually with a frame of aluminum. It is not a system that supports the roof, like a wall. Instead, it imparts weight to the ground. Buildings usually have one side with a glass curtain wall system 50–7, in combination with wall claddings and other details. It can be a part of your home, as they allow custom settings.

These walls started to become popular in the 1930s. After World War II, when aluminum became easier to get and cheaper, more and more buildings started using them. These glass walls let in a lot of natural light and offer clear views outside, making them a key feature of modern architecture.

Now, Let’s talk about its composition first. It either has a complete glass exterior glass or includes aluminum cladding. Various features can be included to improve its appearance or to enhance its functionality. External fins are added for shading, and photovoltaic cells can be incorporated for power generation.

Parts of a Curtain Wall System

A curtain wall system is typically made from 4 major components;

  1. Transom
  2. Mullions
  3. Glass
  4. Anchor

Transom is a horizontal rail, while mullion is a vertical rail. Their primary role is to assist the load of the glass curtain wall system-80-3. The mullions are transoms distinct in a unitized system.

Glass curtain walls-80-3 can be classified into 3 types based on appearance, construction, and design. Each of the types comes with its advantages and drawbacks. Here is a brief description of these types of glass curtain wall systems-50-7.

Stick Systems

The stick system consists of vertical and horizontal panels made of extruded aluminum frames. Horizontal panels, known as transoms, are connected with vertical panels (mullions) using toggles or locating pins. The large glass panes provide a picture of the outside, yet spandrel panels can be installed to hide the frame. A diverse range of sizes, colors, and outer designs are available. You are free to choose from a range of sections with varying load capacity.

Components are cut according to your building dimensions. This preparation procedure is completed, followed by transportation and installation of curtain wall systems. The glass panels are positioned along spandrel panels using pressure plates. These plates can be masked by cover caps. They are versatile and cost-effective, which makes them suitable for shopping malls and low-height office buildings. Shipping costs are low, yet the labor cost is high.

Advantages of Stick Systems
  • It provides flexibility by allowing onsite assembling
  • No requirement for exterior access
  • Low shipping costs
  • External support like cranes is not required
  • Requires less specialized equipment
  • Assembly and curtain wall installation process can go on simultaneously
  • Individual components allow easy maintenance
Unitized Systems

The unitized system has the individual parts assembled already. Since it is done in the factory, more advanced designs can be made. A high-quality finish is achieved through a strict quality check. It has greater air tightness due to the smaller number of connections. The major benefit of this glass curtain wall system 80–5  is the less time required to install them. Typically, they are used for huge buildings that require masses. It reduces the labor cost, as most of the work is done in the factory.

Unitized systems have two subcategories:

  • Panelised Curtain Walls

This glass curtain wall system-80-3 employs pre-made vertical panels. The length is suitable for a single story. It is connected to the floor slab, like a unitized system. The glass panes are fixed in steel frames.


  • Spandrel Ribbon Glazing

Here, spandrel panels are joined to achieve longer lengths. Spandrels may be transparent or use opaque interlayers to hide the frames. Terracotta or aluminum can be used for the spandrels.

Advantages of Unitised System
  • Requires less time for installation
  • Shipping costs are high as better protection and large space is required
  • Already done assembling cuts Labor costs are cut down
  • Mini cranes may be required
  • Provides a high-quality finish
  • Costly as components are fabricated off-site
  • Products must be assembled before installation begins
  • Causes minimal disturbance on site
  • It may require greater upfront
  • Difficult maintenance because of large components
Bolt Fixed Glazing

Botl fixed glazing works for buildings with unique architecture. Entrance areas, shop fronts, or lift doors can use bolt-fixed glazing. The glass panels are held at the edges or corners using bolts. Unlike traditional toggles, these bolts are capable of holding large panes. You don’t need to worry about drilling holes since they are made already. You just need to assemble the system.

Bolt fixed glazing has a thick glass to support the large panes. Any type of glazing can be used with proper skill. Yet, annealed glass is not recommended due to holes in the panes. The bolt is designed to make space for slight movements. It can be due to thermal expansions or weights. Steel trusses, or stainless steel systems, are used as a support mechanism. For extra safety, silicone weather seals are applied. You can purchase it either as a fully built system or its elements.

Doors For Glass Facade

Doors made of glass are included in the glass curtain wall system-80-3. It is a single sheet of glass that can be a single or double loaf. Door leaves can be supported with frames on each side, or you have a choice to leave them naked. They are settled in frame, with a facade settled around it.

Curtain wall systems have different types of glazings, and you can pick from a diverse range. They vary on the basis of their strength, durability, and their resistance against external factors. The variety of designs varies among all these types. Here are a few types of glazing available for your commercial glass curtain wall system-80-3;

  • Float glass: It allows the production of large sheets. Molten glass flows through tim baths that give a smooth sheet with uniform thickness.
  • Tempered Glass: It is a chemically treated glass that has enhanced strength. Upon environmental impact, it will shatter into tiny pieces that reduce the chances of injury.
  • Laminated Glass: It has an inner layer of polyvinyl butyral, a type of plastic. It keeps the two sheets of glass fixed, even if they break. It is used in areas with greater occurrences of environmental hazards.
  • Spandrel Glass: Spandrel glass has a dark or opaque nature. It can be used in combination with spandrel glass, and metal sheets to create an appealing wall.
  • Annealed Glass: This type of glass has undergone a heating process to provide extra resistance. It is durable, yet it may cause injuries upon breaking.
  • Insulating Glazes: It is built to improve thermal efficiency. It uses triple panes of glass that are filled with air in between to regulate temperature.
  • Chemically Strengthened Glass: It is similar to tempered glass in terms of strength, yet it can be sharp when broken. Scratches are common in this type of glass.

You can choose among dozens of glass curtain wall systems-80-3 to add to the aesthetic appeal of your building. If you want to add a unique area, or you are planning to use glass mirrors in the aesthetics, glass curtain walls are a good choice. Feel free to pick the one that suits your requirements. For office buildings, the unitized system works better, while the stick system of glass curtain wall system-80-3 is a better option for residential areas.