Custom Mirrors

Bespoke mirrors: An Elegant Addition to Your Interior Design

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    Tailored Design

    Custom Mirrors are made to order, meaning you can specify the exact size, shape, and design elements to fit your space perfectly. This ensures that the Mirror Integrates seamlessly with your existing decor and architectural features.

    Unique Aesthetics

    When you choose a Custom Mirror, you have the opportunity to create a truly unique piece of art. You can work with skilled artisans to incorporate intricate designs, etching, or beveled edges that reflect your personal style and vision.

    Enhanced Lighting

    Placing Custom Mirrors strategically can maximize the natural light in a room. By reflecting sunlight, they brighten the space, reduce shadows, and create a more inviting atmosphere. This can also lead to energy savings by reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.

    Illusion of Space

    Custom mirrors have a remarkable ability to make rooms appear larger than they are. This optical illusion is especially useful in smaller spaces, such as apartments or bathrooms, where creating a sense of spaciousness is essential.

    Functional Art

    Custom Mirrors can serve dual purposes as both decorative elements and functional Mirrors. For example, a custom-framed Mirror in an entryway can add a touch of elegance while allowing you to check your appearance before leaving the house.


    With Custom Mirrors, you have an extensive range of options to choose from, including different Glass types, framing materials, and finishes. This level of personalization ensures that the Mirror aligns perfectly with your design preferences and the overall aesthetics of your space.

    Why Choose Our Custom Mirrors?

    Selecting Custom Mirrors offers a unique fusion of style and versatility. Our Custom Mirrors are designed to elevate your space, adding a touch of personal elegance and functionality. With a wide array of customization options, including size, shape, framing, and design elements, you have the freedom to create a mirror that perfectly complements your decor and preferences.

    • Tailored to Your Vision: Our custom mirrors are crafted to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit in your space and a reflection of your individual style.
    • Unique and Personalized: Create a mirror that stands out as a unique piece of art, with custom shapes, designs, and finishes that express your personality and elevate your decor.
    • Enhanced Illumination: Strategically placed custom mirrors can maximize natural light, brightening your space and reducing the need for artificial lighting, leading to energy savings.
    • Space-Expanding Illusion: Custom mirrors have the ability to create the illusion of larger rooms, making confined spaces feel more open and welcoming.
    • Functional and Aesthetic: Our custom mirrors serve as both functional reflective surfaces and elegant design elements, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space.
    • Complete Personalization: Choose from a wide range of customization options, from different glass types to framing materials, ensuring your custom mirror aligns seamlessly with your interior design.

    Custom Mirrors are a versatile addition to any interior, offering not only functionality but also an opportunity to infuse your space with distinctive style and character.

    By following a philosophy of according value for money alternatives throughout the market at the same time maintaining High-Quality Services has proved to be advantageous to customers.

    Even though Mr.Glazier prides itself on providing products & services of high quality, the emphasis is laid on delivering services at competitive pricing without negotiating the workmanship.

    Unlike other Custom Custom Mirrors Providers, we offer onsite repairs at Affordable Prices with a Guaranteed Quick Turnaround

    We Perform onsite repairs to make your Custom Mirrors in NYC, Brooklyn, and Queens all functional again. Our bespoke services for repairs and replacement of Custom Mirrors New York Metro area are quite evident from the track-record of thousands of satisfied customers.

    At Mr.Glazier, the main priorities for repairing & replacing Custom Mirrors throughout the NYC area:

    • Custom Mirrors Installation
    • Custom Mirrors Replacement And Installation of High Quality
    • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
    • 24-48 hours Turnaround
    • Basket Bargain Prices without compromising Quality

    Working With Excellent Glaziers

    Custom Mirrors Installation Process

    Mr. Glazier has 10+ years of experience with providing a wide area of specialty glass, mirrors, windows, and doors services works listed below.

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    Measurement and Design

    Measure the installation space and collaborate with the client to design a custom mirror based on their preferences.

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    Mirror Fabrication

    Create the custom mirror according to the approved design, ensuring it matches the required size and shape.

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    Surface Preparation

    Prepare the installation surface by ensuring it is clean, level, and structurally sound.

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    Mounting Hardware Selection

    Choose appropriate mounting hardware, such as clips, brackets, or adhesive, based on the mirror's size and weight.

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    Mirror Installation and Final Inspection

    Install the custom mirror securely, ensuring it is level, free from defects, and safe. Conduct a final inspection, gain client approval, and complete the project.

    Mr.Glazier Means Implementing Custom Mirrors Replacement And Installation “JUST RIGHT”

    Prior to the actual implementation, the professionals will inspect & measure thoroughly. All the inspection, evaluations, and the measurements are done by the licensed and authorized installers. Also, they take charge of removing & disposing of the old Custom Mirrors.

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    We offer top-notch quality window screen repair & replacement services. Whether you select regular insect screen mesh or pet-proof or any other our custom window screen installation and repair services come with the protection of warranties.

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    Starting the free of cost in-house cost estimations, Window Repair NYC helps you get the appearance & the performance you expect for your screen windows and doors.

    Scheduling an appointment is very easy, just click on the free estimate menu label on the website and enter all the needful details. Being a responsive service provider, our efficient skillful professionals will be all ready to serve your repair and replacement needs.



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