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Glass Wall

Our company has been operating on the New York and New Jersey market for more than 10 productive years now. We have delivered quality services to thousands of happy clients. They were satisfied enough to leave countless reviews which we will gladly share with you.

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Glass partition doors in a warmly lit, light grey living room



Addressing the changing demands of B2B, corporate clients, and commercial spaces, Mr. Glazier offers specialized glass partitions designed to enhance office aesthetics, optimize space functionality, and maintain privacy without compromising natural light. Experience the transformative effects of selecting Mr. Glazier for your business environment:

"Environmentally friendly glass partitions in a newly renovated, unfurnished apartment located in downtown New York. "



Mr. Glazier introduces sustainable glass partitions that elevate your office while respecting the environment. By significantly enhancing natural light, our designs reduce the need for artificial illumination and lower energy costs. Crafted from recyclable materials, these partitions offer modern aesthetics, functionality, and support for your green initiatives. Embrace a brighter, more sustainable future for your workspace with our eco-conscious solutions.

Explore the transformative impact of sustainability across our product range:


Experience partitions that seamlessly marry resilience and elegance, ensuring your office space adheres to the highest standards of fire safety and noise reduction, fostering a tranquil workplace atmosphere.


Elevate your office ambiance with Mr. Glazier’s superior glass partitions. Crafted from premium materials and customized thickness for lasting endurance, our partitions guarantee a workspace that is both safe and serene. Compliant with stringent fire safety regulations and noise reduction standards, experience productivity in tranquility.


Opt for Mr. Glazier’s cutting-edge glass partitions, designed to seamlessly merge modern aesthetics with functionality. Tailored to cater to both privacy needs and design preferences, these partitions are engineered for the eco-conscious and ever-evolving office environments of today.

Get the best glass wall in NYC

Why are we named a number one company in this field? Because we dedicated much time and effort to provide the best service and spread the word. Our impeccable track-record gives us credibility that we enjoy, attracting more customers over the years and expanding the scale of our operation.

Get the best glass wall in New Jersey

We attract only the most talented and skilled craftsmen and provide them with special training in compliance with all the latest industry standards. Due to that Mr. Glazier has been recognized by many for the quality of its services as well as affordability and friendly customer policy.

Get the best glass wall in Queens

It is our credo to place your needs first and adhere to your desires and preferences. We would be able to be where we are at without loyalty and transparency as our primary philosophy. You are guaranteed to receive the perfect treatment and realization of even the most sophisticated tasks. 

All kinds of glass wall solutions from Mr. Glazier

We understand that every person takes special care to make sure that surrounding space is optimally comfortable. Providing this comfort is our main goal as we meticulously plan every project to deliver results that go beyond expectations. You don’t need to worry because you are in good hands with Mr. Glazier.

Customizable glass walls for all purposes

We also value your time and money. Doing everything in the fastest possible way without compromising the quality of work is our priority. And we don’t charge you anything over the market value. On the contrary, our services, while being of top-quality, nevertheless remain affordable for a wide range of people and businesses.

Various glass walls for any occasion

We do everything from scratch to full completion and even more as we guarantee pre-installation preparation and post-installation quality check. After a final review we even go an extra mile and offer to dispose of your previous glass walls free of charge. 

Glass walls for any taste and season

We handle all the deliveries and maintain connection during every step of the installation process. You can track the progress of your order in the online cabinet up to every hour. We deploy the best industry techniques to streamline the process and optimize every of installation operations.

Glass walls made by professionals

We always know when the project starts and when it is going to end. And there are no hidden costs which will pop up somewhere in the middle surprising you. You get full quota in the beginning of the project and we do not start unless every penny is counted and every horse is scheduled.

The best glass divider walls on the market

We provide all specifications in advance, so that you and Mr. Glazier can plan their endeavors and financial costs accordingly before jumping to any conclusions. That is what good planning is all about, doesn’t it?  Fail to plan is a plan to fail, as people say, right?

Get your glass dividing wall for affordable price

Our company guarantees that we don’t disrupt your life or business processes because every minute counts. So as our motto says, we are in and we are out. All that will remind you of our presence afterwards will be just a good job well done.


Choosing Mr. Glazier means selecting more than just a supplier; it’s about partnering with a dedicated ally committed to your success and satisfaction every step of the way.

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Honest Reviews, Lasting Impressions
Peruse our curated collection of client feedback, where honest reviews translate into lasting impressions. This section is a testament to our service quality and the enduring relationships we foster with each project. Witness firsthand the satisfaction and confidence our clients express, underscoring our mission to deliver beyond expectations with every engagement.

Our Process

Welcome to Mr. Glazier – Your Glass Solution Destination

  • Step 1.

    Initial Consultation

    Reach out to begin your project with us. We’ll discuss your requirements and vision for the space. Following our initial conversation, we will arrange a convenient time for an on-site visit to take precise measurements and evaluate your needs more thoroughly.

  • Step 2.

    Project Manager Assignment

    After our initial assessment, we’ll assign you a dedicated project manager. This experienced professional will be your point of contact, guiding you through each stage of the process, answering questions, and ensuring your project is executed to your satisfaction.

  • Step 3.

    Design and Quote

    Based on the initial consultation, we will create a customized design that aligns with your aesthetic and functional needs. We will then provide you with a detailed quotation that outlines the scope of work, materials, and timelines. This ensures transparency and sets the foundation for your project.

  • Step 4.

    Scheduling and Preparation

    Once you approve the designs, we’ll schedule the installation at a time that best fits your schedule. We’ll prepare everything needed for a smooth and efficient installation process, keeping you informed at every step.

  • Step 5.

    Installation and Completion

    Our highly skilled installation team will then meticulously install your glass partitions, ensuring precision and care every step of the way. We commit to a clean, efficient, and timely installation process. Upon completion, we conduct a final walkthrough with you to ensure your complete satisfaction and provide maintenance tips to keep your partitions in perfect condition.

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Our Quality

Excellence in every pane. Dependable window repairs with precision craftsmanship. Trust Mr. Glazier for unparalleled quality. 

Latest Technology

We utilize advanced glazing solutions like low-E coatings and Vacuum Insulated Glass fill for optimal insulation.

Rigorous Testing

All products go through stringent quality control checks to ensure flawless performance.

Superior Warranties

We provide industry-leading warranties on materials and workmanship for your peace of mind.

Finest Materials

We only use high-grade aluminium, vinyl, and glass from reputable suppliers for maximum durability.

Precision Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art machines cut materials to exact specifications for perfect fit and finish.

Skilled Craftsmanship

Our glaziers are highly trained to install using proper techniques for weather-tight, secure windows and doors.

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We are a team of professional and skilled Residential and Commerical Glass Experts. We offer a wide range of windows, doors, mirrors, and shower enclosure services.

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Looks and appearances are important. So we provide solutions that look good. No, good is not enough a word to describe it. Aesthetically elegant, stylish, and fashionable are more appropriate ways to describe it. 

Commercial glass wall for offices

We strive to provide solutions that take into account your individuality, so it is our job to make original work that will be one of a kind. It is our goal to make every client feel unique, so we guarantee individual approach, original decisions, and unique opportunities for every customer who asks for our help.

Commercial glass wall for your firm

In our day and age everybody wants to express his or her personality with clothes, gadgets, and whatnot. Same apple to the interior / exterior design of your home, house, office, store, etc. You company will definitely begin to shine with glass dividers that will make your business look modern and in line with the latest trends.

It is important to make memorable experiences, so our solutions cater to your unique desires. That is why we not only welcome but encourage customization with a myriad of available finishes. Being unique is important in business, since it makes your brand memorable for the existing and potential clients. We understand that.

Upgrade your office with our commercial glass walls

You get a modern look without all the troubles that come with full renovation. After all, it’s all about the walls because they make your space into what it is. We totally understand and take into account modern design trends. Mr. Glazier has provided services for thousands of small and big companies in New York City, New Jersey, and Queens. 

Improve your company with commercial glass walls from Mr. Glazier

Our solutions are aimed to make you and everybody else who will populate the space happy by being on the premises. And we take pride in our work, since we are sure that it makes people happy. That is our first priority and main reward. If you are happy, then we are happy.

We provide consultation and guidance but it is you who decide how the final version is going to look. With our expert specialists you will be able to make a grounded decision based on all the available information as to how it is best to install, what components to use, etc. 

Optimal commercial solutions with interior glass walls

We even deploy special design consultants and interior decorators who give expert advice and useful tips on how it is better to work with the space, and how to shape it into the post-powerful version of itself. That is necessary for commercial projects because it affects the workforce and happy employees are known to be more productive. Their comfort is your comfort as a boss. 

Mr. Glazier provides top-quality interior glass walls for commercial use

And, of course, because money is at stake, it is important to make a great impression on your clients, since they first judge you by the look. Then, if they like what they see, they will proceed further to do business with your company. Make them fall in love with a first glance.

It is not any less important with residential projects, since people traditionally spend half of their available time at home. Spending this time in comfort is of the essence, since a comfortable home, again, makes for a happy person. 

Dedicated team handles the installation of your exterior glass wall

With such an approach to work and with full consideration of the fact that walls which we are going to erect will be there for years, we approach with caution, care, and attention to the task. Our team plans every aspect of the process and has years of experience when it comes to glass walls. 

Exterior glass wall for affordable price

Our designs improve with each new generation of glass walls and we attempt to achieve success by deploying the best solutions and integrating newest technology methods and approaches. Upgrade your interior to send a clear message to everybody.

It is great to know that somebody will stay in the spaces we help to shape. We are glad that we can help you make the most of the available square feet in order to maximize your working or living experience. With all that said you now understand what philosophy stands behind our dedication to the craft and why Mr. Glazier is the answer to your needs.

Mr. Glazier is a leading industry expert who provides indoor glass walls

 There are countless advantages of glass walls. They enable you to rely more on natural light instead of artificial illumination. More daylight means considerable electricity savings which brings down the cost of the upkeep of your home or office. 

Order indoor glass wall installation with 24/7 support available

With that being said, you can also improve the atmosphere because sunlight has been reported to increase the mood of people. With more daylight at your disposal instead of usual walls that are not transparent, you can also expect your space to appear bigger. It is one of the oldest tricks in interior design. 

Mirrors and windows really create an illusion of more spacious environments. So, for example, if you have a 100 square feet room, it might look like it has 120 square feet in it. We also make sure that you get your glass walls done in the fastest way possible in order to cut costs and disallow standby. 

Improve your interior today with sliding glass walls

That makes our solutions a perfect option for small and confined spaces. If you are limited in the use of available space, throw away all the trash you don’t use and install glass walls to make more of it. 

Sliding glass walls enable you to enhance your interior with a modern look

Furthermore, glass walls are widely considered to be an eco-friendly or “green” solution because they enable efficient use of the energy. Therefore, by installing them you help save the environment and fight climate change. 

It is not only an ergonomically optimal solution, but environmentally conscious way to renovate. Think about the reputation of your business and publicity. Sending a good message may help you get a good reputation. And for residential homes it will put you in a good light for your neighbors. 

Save electricity with our energy-efficient interior glass wall

Next, glass walls do not only allow for energy savings thanks to its transparency. With ultra-modern insulation capabilities you will definitely spend less on your utility bills, decreasing the use of air conditioning and heating. 

Spend less on heating and air-conditioning by installing interior glass wall

Glass walls keep you warm in the winter and cool in summer, Therefore, you pay less for heating and ventilation. Latest development in insulation technologies allowed for optimal air circulation. Mr. Glazer will take care of you. 

With the absence of leaks it takes less hot or cool air to do the work within your premises. And more sunlight will also add some warmth in winter. Isn’t that just great? Get on board today!

Glass interior walls by Mr. Glazier improve your working premises with enhanced functionality and contemporary design

We use only the best insulation components to guarantee that all mentioned advantages will be at your disposal upon installation. But these are not all advantages and the list goes on. 

Mr. Glazier guarantees to deliver shatter-resistant interior glass walls for houses that are built to last

Same insulation capabilities disallow for noise to come through, either outside one or one from the street or from the next room.With perfect insulation you will be sure that your privacy is protected. 

Researchers claim that sound pollution is bad for health. It is also harmful because it distracts people and makes it impossible to concentrate or sleep. It means that acoustic insulation is not any less important than thermal insulation, which is why we pay special attention to this aspect of our work. You may live in a busy part of the city with constant noise outside. Using our solution, be sure to have no more of it in the future. 

We offer professional installation of outdoor glass walls for houses

Going further, we have what to say about durability and lifetime of our glass walls. Using only the best materials and component market has to offer, we guarantee longevity and reliability of Mr. Glazier’s solutions. 

Improve your air circulation with a glass cube wall

Our product is shatter-resistant and fully secured against all kinds of potential threats. It means protection against internal or external mechanical damages thanks to the use of cutting-edge shatter-resistant materials. 

We also guarantee to provide you with a solution that has an extended lifetime. It means that you won’t need to make any repairs or replacements for years. 

Number one glass wall provider in NYC

We fully understand that glass walls mean to replace usual walls. And, serving as walls, they cannot have the same durability as windows. We have meticulously tested our solution again and again to be able to promise the absence of cracks after collision with hard objects just the same as we test our glass walls for optimal protection against heat, cold, and noise. 

Trusted by thousands of customers in NYC, Mr. Glazier is considered a leading expert in glass wall solutions

A lasting solution is the one that everybody should go to when it comes to glass walls. Yeah, our walls are made of glass but it is not usual glass. Most people think glass can be easily shattered. That is not true. Think about glass in your car or bulletproof glass. 

Fortunately, the latest technological advancement allows us to create solid glass panels that are hard as a rock. With this option you may even try throwing objects at it without inflicting any damages. 

A conference room with a glass wall will improve the working atmosphere at your company and have a positive impact on your business processes

It is also important to disallow scratches appearing after time. Most glass walls require replacement after a few years even without serious cracks because of numerous scratches. That is not so in our case. 

A glass window wall allows for the use of natural illumination which saves energy and boosts people’s mood

We make sure that every glass panel in our arsenal will serve to the fullest possible extent without any scratches or cracks. No maintenance needed. Of course it doesn’t mean that you can throw bowling balls at it, obviously. However, our product has been tested against all possible casual damages that may occur in any home or office. 

We do the same testing after every installation because, even though glass itself is solid, inappropriately fixated handles, for example, may bring the whole construction down. So it all comes down to testing again and again. 

With a glass wall in your patio you will definitely impress your guests and neighbors

We also comply with all industry regulations and standards for safety and protection. All that to make sure that you spend your money wisely, getting the most perfect glass walls on the market. 

Patio glass walls are considered to be the solution in business to create recreational zones for rest and relaxation

We do not try saving money and cutting costs by using cheap materials and components. On the contrary, we understand the importance of every project and go an extra length to provide the amazing solutions that will allow your safety. 

You can get exact specifications provided to you if you don’t just believe our words. Or look at the reviews of our past clients. There are hundreds of customer testimonials that praise our approach to the job and products we provide. 

Mr. Glazier will help you renovate and redecorate to achieve the most optimal result with patio glass wall panels

And we only strive to bring the best service to an even bigger number of future clients in the NYC metropolitan area, Queens, and New Jersey. 

Mr. Glazier has more than 10 years of experience as glass wall company operating in the New York

Let’s take a moment to talk about the installation process. You can order the product anywhere and even try to install it yourself. However, the installation process by itself is not any less important than the glass walls you install. That is because a lot of issues are being handled during the installation. 

And by that we, of course, mean customization. Installing glass walls means considering the unique features of your space, whether it is a house or an office, doesn’t matter. So, in reality, every project is original and requires a creative approach to fulfill individual demands of our respected clients. 

Why choose Mr. Glazier as your glass wall company?

We welcome customization and are glad to realize your vision. Mr. Glazier offers various possibilities as to how it is better to improve and upgrade your office or house with glass walls. 

As a leading company in the business of glass wall partition solutions, Mr. Glazier dedicates time and effort to deliver more for less – more functionality, reliability, and elegance for less time and lower prices

Before we start on every project we hear you out to know exactly what you want. We provide initial consultation and professional expert guidance to give you essential advice. 

Because glass walls are not just windows, they in fact totally reconfigure your floor planning. So, it is up to you to choose what layout you want. That is the beauty of it all – making something new out of your space. 

Our glass wall installation process

Glass walls allow you to create new zones and rooms or private corners for different occasions. We believe that with a customer fully on board to provide us with a vision it is possible to achieve the best possible outcome for the benefit of both parties. 

Glass wall installation done by highly-skilled craftsmen with years of experience in the field

As a huge bonus, we offer pre-installation site preparation and also maintenance and repairs. We dispose of your old walls and give post-installation quality checks. 

And, not the least, we guarantee that the job is done by the most prominent specialists in the industry. We only attract top talent who are skillful craftsmen and experienced servicemen. 

Mr. Glazier is a one-stop solution if you ask yourself “where to find a glass wall installation near me?”

Our team members have been in business for years and they take pride in their work. We update you on every step of the process along the way. You track progress in your personal online cabinet. 

Fastest exterior glass wall installation done by specialists, using best materials and components 

Mr. Glazier offers the fastest 24-48 hour turnaround in order to make sure your life and / or work processes are not disrupted and there is no standby. 

We provide a guarantee with further maintenance to keep your glass walls in mint condition. Without any doubt, working with us will be a pleasure for us both. 

The best exterior glass wall installation services for all kinds of purposes in NYC, NJ, and Queens

Also on our team are professional interior design experts to make a layout that will work for everybody. Our quality assurance team keeps notes during the process and tests everything on account of functionality and appearance. 

Expert office glass wall installation for businesses with full specifications provided beforehand, site preparation, and a final review

You will get access to a personal support manager that will keep you updated every step of the way. We are always on time and strictly adhere to the deadlines set in advance.

And there are no bumps in the road when it comes to installing glass walls with Mr. Glazier. You can be sure about that. If you are interested in pre-installation consultation free of charge, please feel free to connect with us to talk things through.

Mr. Glazier provides custom glass walls to make you stand out and improve your design with modern loft solutions

Our credo is to provide a unique blend of elegance and usability. In other words, it is our motto to mix practicality of solutions with beauty. Our glass walls work well and look good. 

A glass separation wall can help your reconfigure your existing floor planning and make separate zones for different activities

To reach such harmony and balance it takes care, dedication, skill, experience, and attention. With all that a project is bound for success. 

So when we think of design solutions, we spend extra time to make sure that whatever looks aesthetically rich will also be practically useful. Mr. Glazier delivers incredibly stylish and quality solutions that are great both on the inside and on the outside. 

Get a perfect glass wall for a gym to advertise your services and smash the competition

Glass walls make it possible to improve your location with countless benefits such as listed above: energy efficiency, soundproof insulation, thermal insulation, availability of natural illumination, customizable layout, improved air circulation, modern look, security, privacy, etc. 

Glass wall for a gym increases the likelihood of a pedestrian traffic to increase your sales

So with glass wall solutions it feels like full renovation. It does. However, it doesn’t cost nearly as much, although the effect made by glass walls make it look like you have completely changed your space. 

That is why this solution is such a popular option not just for offices (where it has been mostly used in previous times) but everywhere around: in residential apartments, houses, bathrooms, stores, etc. 

With our glass wall for your home gym you will definitely work out more and that’s a big plus

By the way, let’s talk about bathrooms and showers where glass enclosures have become a number one solution by popularity in the last few years. Bathrooms are typically small spaces, so every square foot matters. 

Frosted glass walls for bathrooms and showers from Mr. Glazier

And they often lack windows altogether. But with a glass enclosure in your bathroom the available space starts to look bigger. Depending on the glass type used, you can either have privacy, or be able to see through. 

It is also easy to clean such a shower enclosure. And they definitely look better than your usual shower curtain. One more win for glass walls. 

Frosted glass walls guarantee privacy and improve the overall look of your bathroom premises

As you can see, they work everywhere and for everybody. Glass walls are a go-to option to create a productive environment in an office and make employees more productive and open for communication. 

Get frosted glass office walls to protect your privacy and allow confidential meetings

Glass walls are perfect for any store because they allow customers to look through and see more than what they are looking for, increasing the sales of the show

Glass walls in a house make for a beautiful view, enabling residents to see the outside and observe a pool or a garden that is there. But what is most beautiful about them is the ability to customize and adapt them to any environment and any tastes, needs, preferences or desires. 

If you are limited in the use of space, opt for a retractable glass wall provided by Mr. Glazier

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so popular and widespread. In the end, it all comes down to their advantages in regard to design + usability. 

With retractable glass walls you can improve your design and impress others

Add to them their relatively cheap and affordable price and you get a solution that works perfectly well for a branch office of a major corporation, McDonalds, your neighbor’s house, you name it. With a glass wall as a cornerstone of your interior design you won’t miss. That is a fact.  

They allow you to reintegrate and change the existing environment. Imagine you have guests coming over and want to share your living room that usually connects with a kitchen. Divide it and make a new separate room for your guests easily! Or, close them in winter to separate your terrace from a porch while keeping it open during summer.  

Improvise and reconfigure your environment with a contemporary retractable glass wall system

Going further you can reconstruct your working or living space and adapt it flexibly to the task and needs of your desire. It works perfectly well for all kinds of purposes, whether it is a nice dinner party at your house or a task force in your office. 

Renovate your house in a fast and affordable way by installing a glass wall that will improve its look

Your house will look stunning and make all neighbors jealous of your new look. Modern, stylish, and elegant aesthetics create an extraordinary visual appeal that will satisfy even the most sophisticated individuals who desire something spectacular. 

Renovate, upgrade, and innovate by incorporating latest design solutions which will significantly increase your property value. Consider it an investment that will bring you dividends in the future. The money you spend on the installation is not an expense but an investment in your future!

If you look for a glass wall with a curtain for a residential house, go no further and let Mr. Glazier offer you best-in-class service for affordable price

Choose from a myriad of the available curtains and blinds to get the look you want. Different colors and materials are available to provide escape from burning sun and safeguard your privacy while in a meeting or at home. 

Our frameless glass walls are made in compliance with all industry safety rules and regulations for optimal security of your space

Meticulously tested a number of times, our solutions are graded as most reliable by the majority of industry standards. We have received awards for outstanding services and quality of provided product.

As said before, you get the best-in-class insulation to protect you against heat, cold, and noise. Forget about old solutions which made you spend more money on utility bills and allowed for external noise. There will be none of it with Mr. Glazier. 

Choose an aluminum partition wall that suits your needs and fits your preferences 

Choose from a variety of available aluminum profiles to get the look which you think best suits your environment. Numerous finishes, shapes, and colors available to guarantee individual approach that will definitely make you stand out among your neighbors. 

Get a steel partition wall of the best quality made from the durable materials to protect against all kinds of potential damages

Total protection against all kinds of damages to allow your glass walls to stay in mint condition. Extended lifetime guarantee and affordable timely on-site repairs are also included in the package.