Custom mirrored closet door installation and replacement company

Custom mirrored closet door installation and replacement company


Custom mirrored closet doors will indeed turn out to be an excellent addition in your home if you are looking forward to maximizing the area and complimenting the existing décor of the room. With so many modern designs available to choose from, it is about time that you ditch those traditional wooden doors of the closet and replace them with mirrored ones to enhance the overall aesthetics. Also, if you have limited space in your house, the mirrored closet doors will eliminate the need for procuring a proper dressing table and resultantly, keep the corners free from the additional burden.

Who doesn’t like the idea of possessing something chic and royal? Honestly, many of us do. But, the catch is, almost all the things characterized by these two virtues are accompanied by fanatical price tags thus, confining our dreams to their shells itself. However, the custom mirrored closet doors are an exception; they are a) multi-functional, b) cost-effective, and c) appear and feel imperial. When you can have all these distinct features exemplified in a single product, why wouldn’t you want to obtain it? Yes, you have guessed it right; we are referring to the custom mirrored closet door installation and replacement at your home. 


Our company is here to assist you with same-day custom mirror closet door or mirror closet sliding door installation and replacement service in NYC.

Options available for custom mirrored closet doors

The reason why we have the word “custom” separately mentioned here is that you can have the closet mirrors in any shape, size, and color you want depending on your desires and the requirement of the surrounding objects of the room it is to be installed in. Mirrored closet doors don’t have to be necessarily installed in bedrooms or living rooms that house large cupboards; the smaller cabinets in kitchen and study too can avail the stunning makeovers! You can easily opt from frosted glass, beveled, milky, opaque, or colored glass panels. If you are intending to add mirrors to existing closet doors, it is rather vital to evaluate the strength and nature of the hardware that would be holding it in place and for this, the experience and skill of a professional will come handy. Our company can deliver you with:

  • Sliding mirror closet doors (they are very realistic and much in style)
  • Sliding mirror closet doors for bedrooms
  • Mirror closet door Lowes
  • Home depot mirror closet doors
  • Hinged mirror closet doors 
  • Bi-fold mirror closet doors

Our label is regarded as the fastest-growing windows replacement and installation company in NYC and we specialize in serving homeowners with superior quality, versatile assortment, and facilities in the realms of custom mirror closet door installation and replacement. 

What should you expect from a professional custom mirror closet door installation and replacement company?


While the DIY videos available online might look very alluring considering the instructors performing the task are incredibly quick and steadfast but, trust us when we say that the real picture is nothing like that. Even if you seek assistance from an independent contractor, we can substantiate the facts that the mirror replacement and installation process will firstly, cost you a bomb, and secondly, things will get really messy. Why take the longer and dreary route when you can simply get in touch with a professional company that has been dealing with the same category of projects for years now and will identify your anticipations even without you having to break down every word of it?

All you will have to do on your part is to communicate your desires regarding custom mirrored closet door installation and replacement to us, and our troupe of technicians will take care of the rest. If you feel startled with the developments at any point, we will make certain that all our plans are thoroughly conveyed to you so that you are well aware of the entire arrangement and the steps that would go into putting it all together.

When you are investing in something serious, you deserve to be assured about its functionality, resourcefulness, and quality in every possible way. We, as a company, believe in the same notion and put in our best efforts to make the time and money that our clients devote to the projects worth it! 

What makes us different from the rest?

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  • We are trusted by local customers and companies alike 
  • We have spent over 8 years working in this industry
  • Quality assurance guaranteed 
  • Fast turnaround time 
  • We have a fully integrated customer relations account management system 
  • Technicians are fully licensed, bonded and insured by the company, therefore, relieving clients of all liabilities
  • Highly rated by Google, Yelp and Home Advisor

Why choose our company for custom mirrored closet door installation and replacement

  • Background checked and licensed technicians: For us, authenticity holds the topmost priority and we cannot let anything compromise with that. This is why we only have background checked and licensed technicians working in our team with some field experience and complete knowledge about the roles they are expected to take up in the company.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed: When a troupe of proficient experts is taking up a venture along with the latest equipment and technology at their disposal, 100% satisfaction is inexorably guaranteed.
  • Free estimates: You can give us a call anytime putting across your ideas and requests pertaining to custom mirrored closet door installation and replacement and we will chalk out a free estimation of the cumulative services. 
  • People love us on Yelp: The perseverance and commitment that we engaged in each of our projects in all these years have made us one of the most loved companies in Yelp!

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